This is very live, May day Bank Holiday at 2024 Sardunya Bay. Just had a lovely afternoon at Sardunya. Highly recommended as something that you should do once in your holiday.

Lovely Calm Sea

The bay at Sardunya is about 150 meters set in from the 2 headlands. Therefore the bay is usually quite calm and very safe to go swimming. There are rocks all along each side of the bay so snorkelling is a real pleasure.

The sea is initially quite shallow, only waist deep for most people. So this is an ideal place to go paddle boarding. The sun sets in the evening on the western headland at about 8pm mid summer and Sardunya Bay makes for a lovely place to be to catch a gorgeous sunset.

Bar and Restaurant

The bar and restaurant at sardunya bar are very spacious and there is lots of comfortable seating. Some evenings they will have live music or a DJ on. The place is quite busy at the week ends.

The food and drink is reasonably cheap compared to most local places.

Reservation is not normally required for dining at the bar. There is a very relaxed atmosphere with plenty of space and you just go with how you feel at the time.

Trip Advisor Rating

Sardunya Bay has received a 4 star rating overall on trip advisor. I believe that if you take value into the equation then the rating would be higher.

Sardunya Bay Social Links

You can find sardunya bay on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also TripAdvisor.

Find Sardunya Bay on Maps

You can find Sardunya Bay by clicking on the image below. The image is linked to Google maps. Sardunya is a lovely day out and it’s not far away from your holiday villa in lapta.

A Lovely Day Out

I personally love paddle boarding and swimming. Sardunya is a great place to go and just relax into. The place is so laid back and friendly. I just turn up there and drop my paddle board in the beach. The. I go up to the bar and sit with my friends and family for a while before I decide to get on my board and paddle out to the end of the headland.

Some evenings I will paddle out to the end of the west headland and just sit there and watch the gorgeous sunset. Sardunya is not a high class venue at all but it is a great place to go for a laid back day and evening, the menu is very basic and very cheap and the food is lovely and so are the staff.

I can not compare Sardunya Bay to high class resteraunts, the place is in a different league. There are many beach bars in North Cyprus and Sardunya is definitely one of the top places in its category.

Comparable places include Tribal Cafe in lapta and also Hanimeller resteraunt in lapta. There are probably 4 or 5 comparable resteraunts and as I develope KCVillas website I will post information on all off them.

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