Your Listing

Thank you for listing your property.

We have received all of your information, over the next 24 hours we will put your bespoke promotional page together. Using KCVillas has been made as easy as possible. Here are some useful links.

This is a link to your owners profile where people will send you enquiries about your property. The link to your villa listing will be sent to you via your owners messaging system. The link will also appear on your contact and profile page.

Your Owners Profile

You can update your profile picture if you wish using the profile settings tab and you can also write a short bio. Anyone who wishes to send a message to you must first register with kcvillas to ensure that your messaging portal is safe and spam free.

The Support Dashboard is available 24/7 for LiveChat support and Whatsapp Support.

We also have an affiliate program that you are welcome to sign up for, If you send potential guests to your own listing then you will receive 33% of the overall fees charged by KCVillas as a commission on your own sale and also 5% of the overall booking made for any other villa via your affiliate link. You can sign up here at the Affiliate Dashboard.

Ical Feed Problems

If you have had problems obtaining your ical feed that will be used to sync the availability calendars then don`t worry. Visit the Ical Feed information page for instructions on how to get your ical feed and submit it into the form at the bottom of the page. Please refer to this page for Ical Feed Information. If you are wondering an Ical feed actually is and what it is for then please refer to this page.

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